Scripture bombs

Ever been real with someone and they respond with a Scripture bomb?


It’s related to a Jesus Juke but is a little more defined. What happens is this: you share something personal in your life, usually something you’re struggling with, in the hopes of getting some encouragement or at least a kind ear. For me, it’s usually with someone I trust, because I tend to be a tad private and closed. Instead of kindness or hope, they quote you a Bible verse, then walk away. BBBBOOOOOMMMMM!! You’ve just been Scripture Bombed!

Don’t mishear me. I believe the Bible is the best source of hope and encouragement on this planet, but sometimes your hope needs skin. That’s what community is for, because a book, even a Holy Spirit inspired one, never gave a hug, or smiled, or shared a lunch with you. Only the Church of God can do that. Maybe that’s why the Scripture bomb is so destructive. Because we know in our hearts that we should expect more.

I never know what to do when I get a Scripture Bomb. What about you — ever been the victim of a well meaning bomb? Ever given one (I know I have)? How do you respond?


4 thoughts on “Scripture bombs

      1. sometimeshope Post author

        I agree. I know it’s hard to dwell with someone and NOT have the answers. I’ve learned over the last few years that the best friends are just there, whether they have wisdom or not. There’s power in community, even silent community

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