The Reason I Write

Photo by emagic (Creative Commons)

Photo by emagic (Creative Commons)

Why do I write? I get up at 5 am most days and spend an hour pecking away at my keyboard, so that maybe 100 people will read it. Why not sleep in, enjoying the body warmth from my beautiful wife? I have to start with why I DON’T write.

I don’t write to be famous. Fame is a fickle mistress – adored for a moment, and then yesterday’s news. I am not interested in being the ice cream of the month.

I don’t write because I feel better than others. If you read my blog regularly, you already know this. I share my weaknesses and my shameful moments as much as my triumphs. I have no artistic arrogance that leads me to believe my blogging makes me a better human being.

I am not writing to get a book deal. If am ever able to write full-time for my career, that would be amazing. Truly, my dream job. I would not say no if I had the opportunity to walk away from my CPA license to be a Creative all day. But this isn’t why I write.


I write to find myself. When I write, I learn more of who I am and why I think how I think. When I write, I force the busyness of life to slow to a simple rhythm, the sound of letters on a keyboard. CLICK-CLACK-CLICK. There is peace and clarity from the simplicity of the moment.

I write to connect with others. My greatest hope is my words will extend beyond me and touch another person. It makes my day when my words inspire someone to be creative, or live courageously. Not because I am great, but because I have been the one crying out for help. Some days, I still am.

I write because I am called by God. This is no mystical experience, but rather a deep knowing in my soul. When I write I am aware of being in the center of God’s will for my life. I don’t have a good sense of where this journey will take me, but I am walking the path God has laid out for me.

Why do you create art in your life?

19 thoughts on “The Reason I Write

    1. sometimeshope Post author

      The strange part for me is I didn’t even realize how much writing would help me clarify who I am and what is important for me, not to mention what stirs passion in my soul, until I started writing. Now, I cannot imagine stepping away from it. I sense this is true of most writers

    1. sometimeshope Post author

      Hey, thanks for stopping by! Good to see you, and I didn’t know you were reading my stuff. Apart from the occasional like on FB, that is. I appreciate the kind words so much…and keep reading 🙂

  1. Pooh Hodges

    Chris, your writing gives me hope. I struggle with self doubts often. My mother did not encourage me as a kitten. She wanted me to go into the family business. I recently closed my Mouse Hunting Business, and am writing full time. It doesn’t cover the cost of kitty litter yet, but I am enjoying my life more.
    All the best Chris,
    Pooh Hodges

    1. sometimeshope Post author

      So happy to know my writing lends hope to many species. I wish you luck with your writing career Pooh. If that doesn’t work out, I think I have a mouse in my bedroom. I could use some help.

  2. Sharon Rose Gibson

    Chris, I love your reflections on why you write. I thoroughly enjoyed your clever word picture relating to fame. Very creative.
    YES! When I write, I do discover myself and I thoroughly enjoy that self discovery process. I love finding wisdom like bread to feed and sustain my soul on the journey which I could not have purchased any other way.
    I also love writing as therapy, available 24/7 with no one looking at their watch and saying, “time is up.” Therapeutic writing. does not cost anything except my time and focus.
    I love the gift of writing.
    I appreciate you’re sharing your writing journey with us in a real and transparent way.

    1. sometimeshope Post author

      Sharon, I really appreciate your image of writing as wisdom bread to feed the soul. I had not considered it in this way, but the visual is perfect. We feed ourselves wisdom from self-discovery.

      I am jealous of the ability you have to write without a watch. I have four children, so my time is precious and rarely uninterrupted by someone. This is why I write before 6 am and after 9 pm. Peace and quiet 🙂

      I am thrilled you are joining me on my writing journey

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  4. Robin

    Beautiful post, Chris! You are writing for the reasons God has led you to write and you aren’t writing for the reasons God has led you not to write! Look at the great growth in your spiritual relationship with the Almighty Father and the obedience to Him you are living! Be blessed, brother in Christ.

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  6. Stan S, Alabama

    I am glad you are writing. I have been “on the verge” of writing something myself for years but have never acted on that desire. With more posts like this and START from Jon Acuff I might just have to start writing myself.

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