I am Now Blogging for Exodus Road


Exodus Road

I am thrilled to share with you that I have joined the Exodus Road blogging team. You may have noticed this already because of the banner on the side of my posts. I want to take a few moments to tell you how I found Exodus Road, what they do, and what you can expect to see from me. Most importantly, how you can help.

It All Started with a T-Shirt

A blogging friend of mine Alene Snodgrass wrote a post about participating in rescue here. Alene introduced Exodus Road, and gave everyone a chance to purchase a T-shirt to support this organization. I bought a shirt, but wanted to know more.

What Does Exodus Road Do?

Operating primarily in southeast Asia, Exodus Road fights modern slavery through covert operations. The investigators are in the field, going to brothels, finding slaves. They partner with law enforcement officials to shut down slavery operations. And it’s working.

Over 600 slaves have been rescued. Over 325 prosecutions to date. All with 15 investigators. Amazing!

My Heart Broke

I spent some more time on the Exodus Road site. What I found broke my heart. Made me mad. Here is some of what I discovered:

Annual Human Trafficking Figures Worldwide

Annual Human Trafficking Figures Worldwide

Every single year this happens. Over 27,000,000 slaves are in the world today. You read that number right…27 million. Even though slavery is outlawed worldwide. Maybe your initial response is the same as mine — I live in America. Land of the free. Home of the brave. This must happen somewhere else. Not so fast…

US Human Trafficking

US Human Trafficking

I happen to live in Arizona, one of the key entry points for human trafficking in America. I didn’t even know. It was right under my nose. In my back yard. I was stunned.

I Chose to Step Into my Helplessness

What could I do to help 27,000,000 slaves? Or even 14,500 for that matter. I felt broken. Overwhelmed. Wrecked. Too small to help. I mean really? How can one person change this horrid epidemic of violence and abuse, where young boys and girls lives are destroyed.

But I couldn’t sit in the sidelines and do nothing, so I found a way to participate (I hope you’ll do the same).  They need bloggers to spread the word and share the stories of success. I jumped in.

Starting today, you will see 1-2 posts each month about human trafficking and the Exodus Road team. I hope these stories will open your eyes to the horrors of modern slavery. More than that, I hope you will do something to limit this evil.

Still unmoved? Read here about one young girl’s plight as a sexual slave. Many more like Sara are out there. Waiting, hoping, praying for rescue.

Will you join me in rescue?

7 thoughts on “I am Now Blogging for Exodus Road

    1. sometimeshope Post author

      I’m so glad Audrey. Hope you find a way to get involved. It’s nice to finally have the opportunity to talk about something that is SO MUCH BIGGER than me or my problems.

      Don’t get me wrong. I know that my writing is bringing hope to those who read it. But this is entirely different. We have the chance to literally rescue people from darkness and evil.

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