How One Punch Created Three Friends

Photo by hunterseakerhk (Creative Commons)

Photo by hunterseakerhk (Creative Commons)

Today is an auspicious day for my blog. I have my first guest post – so exciting. Even more exciting is that this post is from one of my favorite young authors. My son Jonathon Woodhall-Driscoll. Jonathon is a junior in high school with a dramatic flair. He enjoys theatre arts and music, and recently discovered joy in writing as well. While still finding his voice, he prefers to share fun and meaningful stories from his past.

The way that I met and lost two of my best friends was an interesting one. I already knew one of them from class. I punched the other in the face. Then we became the best of friends! Then we somehow separated. It began and ended in a very strange way indeed.

As I said before, I already knew one of the twin brothers. Tyler, from theatre. At first we didn’t like each other, at all, but then we started hanging out more and with that talked more. For reasons unknown to me, I started feeling more energized and in a good mood each day. Because of this, I started walking down a hallway in the Performing Arts Center while throwing punches in the air. I kept this up until someone walked around the corner into my fist.

After getting over the shock of hitting someone, I realized it was someone I had never seen before, yet he looked somewhat familiar. While pondering this, I helped the angry fellow from the ground and apologized, then I kept walking. The next day, Tyler introduced that same person I had punched as his twin brother Tayler. Realizing that there were no hard feelings, I began to relax and talk to the both of them.

Now that we all knew each other, we began to hang out more and then eventually became even better friends. It came to a point where the three of us were almost completely inseparable. Unfortunately, that’s when it all started to go wrong. Tyler was literally thrown against the wall by his grandfather who was in a fit of rage, and then later was hospitalized when he collapsed on school grounds.

Fearing his own safety, Tayler wanted to stay at my house until things died down at his house. Three days later, Tyler was released from the hospital with no major injuries and moved in with me as well. A week and a half after the incident, Tyler and Tayler went back to their house.

After things died down, nothing went back to being normal. The twins felt an immense hatred for the family and did everything they could to get away and escape. They got into drugs and shamefully, I have to say that I was tempted to join them in there sweet escape.

My parents had suspicions of what I was doing and of what the twins were doing. They soon decided to keep a closer eye on me and always look at my belongings in my room as well as my car. One day they found something, said the twins were a bad influence, decided that I couldn’t talk to them anymore.

It still saddens me to think about them though because of all the good times we had. From the punch in the face, to hanging out in school and each other’s houses, the trauma we all went through, and then even the bad things we did. What makes it even worse is that the State separated the two of them and didn’t allow them to contact friends anymore. Tyler was sent to California while Tayler was sent to Texas. I don’t know when they will be back, but my door will always open.

What is the craziest way you met one of your friends?

Would you give my son some love and encouragement as he ventures into the adventure of writing?

30 thoughts on “How One Punch Created Three Friends

  1. Kathleen Caron

    What a great story, even if the ending is sad. I can’t top that for “how I met a friend.” Somehow, I know that life will bring you back together again. You sound like a good friend.

  2. tim gallen

    excellent post, jonathan! i, too, know the tragedy of losing friends to the rough circumstances that arise in life.

    to answer your question: i became good friends with one of my buddies over our fondness for pancakes.

    1. sometimeshope Post author

      Tim, I am somehow not surprised you have pancake-based friendship. For me, I met my best friend from kindergarten based on our common love of Big Wheels.

      Look at that — First time blogger and he’s already got the quick responses to comments down. Even if it’s during AP European History…hey, wait a second. Jonathon?!?!

      1. timgallen

        it’s cuz pancakes are awesome. one time a friend and i were at this hole-in-the-wall diner in seattle and i ordered a short stack but they brought me this giant pizza-sized pancake because they wanted to. it was awesome – and 3 in the morning.

  3. Anastacia Maness

    Great post, Jonathan! Keep up the writing. I can see you having your own blog one day.

    I’m not exactly sure how I met my best friend in elementary. She was the instigator and I was the follower but one day our friendship was almost ended in a funny way. She wanted me to lick a puppy’s tongue. I thought that was the grossest thing in the world and I wasn’t going to do it. She threatened to hit me if I didn’t. I started backing away toward her house to call my mom. She changed her mind and said she wasn’t going to make me. That was one time I put my foot down about something.

    I bet you’ll see your friends again in the future. I have an idea you’ll be able to help them find Hope in this darkened world.

    Keep writing!

      1. Anastacia Maness

        You should check out the book, Do Hard Things by Alex and Brett Harris. They wrote it as teenagers and started a whole rebelution. They call it rebelling against low expectations people place on teenagers. I bet you’d like it. You’ve got a great talent and will go far in helping others.

  4. Cindy D

    I was looking forward to this and wasn’t disappointed. Good job. Prayerfully the Lord will draw your friends to Him.

  5. Katina Vaselopulos (@KVaselopulos)

    Great post that shows the turns and twists of Life. “Friendship” is Divine and as such lasts through and after life, although sometimes people come our way to teach us something and then suddently disappear.

    Out of your encouters, you came out stronger and wiser, more loving and caring, despite the fact that it could have turned the other way around. You are lucky your parents were there for you, loving and taking care of you, so that now you are in position to do something worthwhile with your life. This is a gift and don’t ever take it lightly.

    This is a great beginning! Embrace Life! Writing can help you learn about yourself and the world around you, not to forget that it can also bring good changes.

    I invite you to visit my site and read my post on “Embracing the Writing Life” at I hope it will encourage you to keep writing!

    As for your other question, I met a older, beautiful, and wise lady in a rehabilitation center and we became very good friends. I used to visit for months and got very close to her, but then she passed away. I always remember her and miss her a lot. Her stories and beautiful poems she often recited for me inspired the poet in me. When a new verse blesses me, I think she might be behind it.

    Blessings and Light to you Jonathan!

  6. Cassie

    Haha, love the graphic! I’m imagining your happy punches in the air, it landing in some unsuspecting kid’s face and your reaction. Great blog, Jonathon. High school can be rough for teens, whether from “normal, happy” homes or troubled, broken ones. I hope you’re able to reconnect with the twins someday, and I hope they’re still in contact.

    1. jwoodhal13

      I was actually able to talk with the bothe of them a little earlier. Their grandmother gave me their phone numbers and it was great to speak with the both of them.

  7. anne peterson

    Jonathan, Great post! Once my son and his friend had to unfriend. Nothing my son would have ever consented to, but he got in trouble and someone in authority chose it for them. Years later, my husband and I ran into our son’s friend. He was now married with a couple of kids and very responsible. I think the love you have for your friends is great. When I came to know the Lord in a personal way it was at a home Bible study. This woman accepted all us 20-somethings into her home. No one was turned away. We saw God’s love clearly through her love.

    Keep writing, you never know how it can help someone else.

  8. Lotta Wanner

    Hi! I really loved reading your story Jonathan, though I felt very sad in the end. Of course you think about your friends and wonder what has happened to them. I would like to read any other story you would write! 😃

  9. Richard (Rico) Armenta

    Great job Jonathan. Writing is a beautiful thing, like reading, it’s a whole new world, but this one is all yours. I hope the next chapter in this story has a happy ending.

  10. Katina Vaselopulos (@KVaselopulos)

    Hi Jonathan,
    I came back to read all the wonderful comments other visitors wrote and your serious and funny and great replies to them. A little window opened today for you. Breathe deeply and believe that what comes out with you out breath will be encouraging and nurturing to others and it will. It’s up to you to do it. God be with you!

    1. jwoodhal13

      Thank you katina, in the long run, i would like my writing to speak to people in ways that i can’t verbally. Get a different meaning out of it each time. That would be the best 🙂

  11. Jan Morris

    Love your story Jonathan. Your writing has such depth and honesty. I remember when you and the twins were inseparable. I’m sorry about the twins, but in the road of life your paths may pass again. Awesome story!

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  13. Amy P Boyd

    Awesome post ! You shared your story with such an open and honest voice. It hurts when we lose such close friends but we know that God bring them into and out of our lives for a purpose.


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