I want to encourage those who believe in God, but who feel discouraged because He seems distant in the brokenness of life. Those who want to trust in God, but feel themselves slipping in their constancy toward Him because of sorrow and dissatisfaction will find a community here.

Sometimes this blog is going to focus on epilepsy or autism, because these are realities in my family. Oftentimes, parenting will be the backdrop for the stories I tell. Many times we will look together at Scripture. Every time, I am going to do my best to draw us out of a place of frustration and into a place of hope. Let me know if you ever feel like I don’t get there — hanging onto hope in the midst of this messed up world is important, and I want to help us together find and hold fast to hope.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. eatingwithsinners

    Hey! I stumbled across your blog, and like it. I have dealings with a couple of people with epilepsy or autism in our church, but have found little material that relates to that. i particularly liked “Not Always Hope, Not Never Hope, But Sometimes Hope”. Excellent.

    I see you recommend Jeff Goins’ writing course. I haven’t done the course but do follow his blog and have taken much of his advice. More than enough for me to be working on for the moment just in what I have got from that.

    I also noticed that you have a whole section on Guest Blogging. Would you consider writing a guest post for my blog (eatingwithsinners.wordpress.com)? I like the honest yet no-cynical attitude that your writing portrays. If you would like to contribute something that relates to “the interface of Christian faith with the rest of life”, I would appreciate that.

    And if you would like me to write something for yours, I would be happy to do that. The category of yours I would most naturally write for would probably be “Bible”, though “Fun” sounds fun too… Have a look at the sort of stuff I write and let me know.

    Thanks, and God bless. Neil

    1. sometimeshope Post author

      Sorry for the slow response. When a tough week seizure wise.

      I’m so happy you’ve found some help with my writing. So much if this just is a result of my own quest to understand how to reconcile my condition and my faith.

      I would be more than happy to guest post in your blog. Let me put something together and we can chat more?

      By the same token, it would be great to have you post on my blog too. I very open to any of the topics you see across the top. The only real guideline is length. My posts tend to be under 800 words. I’d like something of a similar length.


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