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Then She Started to Hula

One of my college buddies recently found this blog and commented on it. As I read his words of wisdom to me, I realized something about the short life of this blog: it has definitely been written in the minor key of pain and sorrow. Certainly this has been due to the recent challenges we’ve faced as a family, but it’s unrealistic to write only about difficulties, because we also have a lot of laughter in our home. There is nothing that warms my heart like seeing joy – pure unadulterated joy – on my kids’ faces. Here’s some examples of what I mean, from when my kids were younger:


Today I want to walk down memory lane with you as I recall a particularly fun day in our family history. About 6 years ago, we visited the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach with my mom and step-dad, and it’s likely not a day I will soon forget. Our kids had such a wonderful time coming face to face with literally hundreds of sea creatures. The day was filled with “Ooohs” and “Aaaaahs” and “Look at that” and “Have you ever even imagined a creature like this before,” and then it got better.

Some professional Hawaiian hula dancers were visiting the mainland, and gave a demonstration to the crowd. Then, they called for volunteers…and our daughter Cynthia was chosen. She was so nervous, and a little confused. She’s never been the most coordinated person on the planet, and she has always had some social anxiety. But we cheered her on, and encouraged her, and she walked up on stage and did her best to imitate the hip gyrations of this master hula dancer. Now, she was preschool age, so she didn’t have a clue what she was doing, but it was adorable. She was hula-ing her little butt off, and grinning from ear to ear. Because of her joy, the whole family was just filled with laughter and merriment, as we watched Cynthia – daughter, sister, granddaughter – smile her head off and shake her booty. It was one of those precious moments where all seemed right with the world. Joy overcame any sorrow, and fear of future problems. It is moments like this that we live for as parents.

I would love to hear your stories – when did you kids’ infectious joy capture your heart?