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Show Up and Escalate Freedom



In future years, when my children look at the world that existed during my time, I want them to say we left the world a better place. Not fundamentally in regard to environmental issues, though this is important. Not precisely related to governmental structures, despite the idealism with which we as Americans place upon democracy. There is something far more important I want my children to see.

I want the world to have more freedom than when my life started.

Not political freedom. Not religious freedom. Not the freedom to free healthcare. I have opinions on all of these, but it’s a different kind of freedom altogether I’m thinking of here.

Modern slavery needs to end. Now. On my watch.

It pains me so deeply that more than 25,000,000 slaves exist in the world today. Think about that number. TWENTY FIVE MILLION. This is unacceptable. No matter what measuring stick you might use.

We must do something. 

And we can. There are many organizations working to prevent slavery, and providing aftercare for slaves. But Exodus Road is my favorite, far and away. They are on the front lines, rescuing slaves. Through covert operations, these investigators are shutting down brothels. And freeing slaves.

Join me in escalating freedom in the most important way. Get involved with the Exodus Road. Blog. Give. Fundraise. Just get involved. Millions of people need your help.

How to Step Into Brokenness

A Trafficked Boy (Exodus Road)

A Trafficked Boy (Exodus Road)

We want to believe our God is big. He is the Creator of the universe, after all. He came up with the idea of clouds, the mechanics of a blinking eye, and the creative humor of the duck-billed platypus. But we struggle to see Him as big when the world is so broken.

I am just now starting to understand our view of God is limited because we do nothing but sit on the sidelines. We feel overwhelmed by the need in the world and our own smallness, so we do nothing.

We believe God is uncaring toward the broken and the enslaved, but we miss our part in the present redemption of this world.

Each of us should pray about where to make a difference, and then start doing it. This is what Matt Parker the Executive Director of Exodus Road did at the Indian Rescue Mission in Mumbai. Read how it changed him:

Victims of human trafficking are not lost forever, unless the very last one of us gives up.

And till the day they are free, I choose to hope and set my eyes on the horizon. There I see freedom coming–  freedom for victims of human trafficking and freedom for me as I seek it for them.  Freedom is the very aroma of God and love is his firm step.  I have never known joy as I know it today, as I too take up the smell and step of God.  Justice is the mix of these two elements, freedom and love.  When both are present, the Kingdom of God is realized.

Last night I witnessed the slavery of over two hundred women.  On my left sat a young virgin and on my right a young girl maybe twenty years old. Both for sale. All for sale. And I wanted this justice fueled by love for them so very badly.

This work that we are doing is a powerful thing in my own life. It stretches beyond my comfort, calls me to be courageous in the face of fear, costs me greatly and has shown me the face of God in ways that have surprised me.

Many people claim to know God.  If the work of rescue has taught me anything, it is that I know very little about God and am a fool to claim that I do.  I now believe that he is so much bigger than I will ever comprehend and his love, justice and mercy are equally unfathomable.

This is a big story, after all, that we are living.  A story of impossible odds, brokenness and courage, passion and justice.  It is the best story I have ever read, and I still do not know how it will end.  

I am forever changed, and we are only at the beginning.

I am inspired by Matt and the way he chose to step and join God in giving literal freedom to the slaves in Mumbai. He refused to pout and blame God for not freeing them, and instead acted.

He continues to do the same thing, every day. If you are not sure how to step into this world’s brokenness, please consider helping Exodus Road as they rescue those enslaved for the sex trade and manual labor every day. Learn more about how to make a difference here.