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Show Up and Escalate Freedom



In future years, when my children look at the world that existed during my time, I want them to say we left the world a better place. Not fundamentally in regard to environmental issues, though this is important. Not precisely related to governmental structures, despite the idealism with which we as Americans place upon democracy. There is something far more important I want my children to see.

I want the world to have more freedom than when my life started.

Not political freedom. Not religious freedom. Not the freedom to free healthcare. I have opinions on all of these, but it’s a different kind of freedom altogether I’m thinking of here.

Modern slavery needs to end. Now. On my watch.

It pains me so deeply that more than 25,000,000 slaves exist in the world today. Think about that number. TWENTY FIVE MILLION. This is unacceptable. No matter what measuring stick you might use.

We must do something. 

And we can. There are many organizations working to prevent slavery, and providing aftercare for slaves. But Exodus Road is my favorite, far and away. They are on the front lines, rescuing slaves. Through covert operations, these investigators are shutting down brothels. And freeing slaves.

Join me in escalating freedom in the most important way. Get involved with the Exodus Road. Blog. Give. Fundraise. Just get involved. Millions of people need your help.