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Returning to the Scene of the…Seizure

Last summer we got season passes to the local waterslide park. It was loads of fun, and everyone really enjoyed being able to go once or twice a week, until Cynthia had a seizure about two stories up on the stairs to a large waterslide. Then things got weird for me. Every time I got to the landing where she started seizing, I unexpectedly found fear gripping my heart.

What if she has another seizure? What if she is not leaning against me this time? What if she falls down the stairs and has a concussion? Oh my God, she could die if she fell from this height!

It’s amazing how irrational fear can be. I know that height isn’t a trigger for her seizures, but it didn’t matter. My emotions wouldn’t respond to these facts, and every time I walked up to that landing on those stairs, my heart rate quickened. I was able every time to just let it pass, but the emotion of that seizure returned to me afresh every time.

Parents of epileptics, do you have this same thing happen to you?